My name is Octavio Martinez aka Tiburon, and as you may have figured out by now, Im a photographer. I was born in Mexico and was brought to America at the age of 8. I have been photographing for a solid 10 years and love every second I get to shoot. Im a music concert goer, Muay-Thai student, foodie, an explorer // adventurer, a grateful son, and an avid people watcher.

Growing up I always loved taking photos of my friends where ever we went, I was the one who snuck disposable cameras into concerts when cameras of any kind were not allowed into music venues (also pre camera phones). I love the creative spectrum that photography allows me to have and love collaborating, and creating awesome photos of your fondest memories 

Artist Statement

Octavio Martinez or better known as Tiburon is a Mexican born photographer navigating, documenting and participating in various countercultures and subcultures within the Bay Area.

In this ideal playground That is the Bay Area Octavio has found such scenes as drag queens within the gay community, the resistance countering the current political atmosphere, musicians outside of the mainstream (and some main stream), bdsm and various kink clubs, and last but not least the unique individuals that the Bay Area attracts. He also hopes to travel more outside of the bay area to find what is so captivating about what happens in the underground, or underworld if various places, in doing so, Octavio explores what gives him life.

                  Octavio’s work has been published in various places like, content magazine (online), Silicon Valley De-Bug magazine (online and print), musicjunkypress.com (online), and The Metro (print and online) and is currently working on getting more recognition.